Make visibility
a team effort.

Make more out of your sponsorship and, in addition to your company, bring the sponsored club or association to the fore at the same time. Together with Asport, you ensure that your social and sporting commitment is fully effective and is really seen: in the region, in Switzerland and perhaps even in the whole world!

New sponsorship

"Just do it" applies to running, not sponsorship.

Sports sponsorship is more than just a peeling print on a jersey or a rusty board on the sidelines. It's your chance to do something for your company with social commitment and strengthen your image with emotional sporting events. Together with Asport, you can tell exactly the story that makes your commitment really worthwhile - and where your target group is on the move. No matter if local, regional or national.

New goals

Think about the goal before you start.

The best thing about sports is the success you celebrate. And to make your sponsorship a success, we support you with Asport. We help your company not only to gain more visibility, but also to build up more brand awareness and to do something for your brand image in the long term through your sponsorship. So that every franc you invest is really worth it. Because with a sponsorship via Asport you take on social responsibility, invest in the future and become a pioneer in sports digitalization.

New opportunities

You can also become the most valuable player in the stands.

Become more than just a sponsor: become a sponsor of an entire sport, a league, a club or a region. With Asport, your commitment not only becomes more visible, but you also drive digitization in sports - from the top to the bottom. In addition, your company benefits from emotional stories, authentic stories and thus gets even closer to potential customers and fans. This gives you the chance not only to send advertising messages, but also to build up your own community and activate it: It's easy, with your sponsorship and Asport.

New channels

A game lasts 90 minutes. And you benefit every second of it.

With Asport, your sponsorship becomes a tailor-made solution. Because it's up to you to choose from a multitude of new possibilities exactly those that pursue your goals. From the digitalization partner of an interesting fringe sport to the storyteller of an up-and-coming amateur team, you decide what brings your brand forward.


A solution
as individual as your tactics.

Get the right offer for your company with just a few clicks. Simply submit the form and we will contact you for an individual consultation.

Asport Digital fields of action

Digital fields
of action

Progress that reaches everyone

More reach, more appeal, more analysis and marketing options. Together with Asport, all players in sport can develop their full potential - in sporting, media and economic terms.


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