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Take your club to the next level.

Together with Asport, your club unfolds its full potential - athletically, medially and financially.


You will play in your
very own league in the future

Whether training videos on the cell phones of your young players or highlight content for your website: together with Asport, you become the digital pioneer of the region and increase your attractiveness in the entire club environment.

You will play in your <br class="u-hide-sm-down">very own league in the future

Media reach

We put you perfectly in scene. Whether on or off the court.

Turn your pitch into a big stage: for players, fans and sponsors. Together with Asport, your club will be seen - in the region and beyond.

Sports development

Attack is
the best defense.

Make your club ready for new sporting heights. With Asport's innovative tools, you give your players, volunteers and coaches the right technological tools to reach the top. This way, you promote and develop teams, coaches and talents like no one else in the region.

Financial stability

The ball is rolling.
So does the ruble.

Marketing like the big ones is now also available for you. With Asport, you have everything in your own hands - from banner advertising to streaming, you decide how your content is marketed.

The path to successful completion.

We like to keep things simple, especially the supposedly complicated ones. We'll show you how to get your own Asport video system in six steps - even if you don't own the venue.

Your financing options

Your club already spends a lot of money: from jerseys to training sessions to equipment. A video system can't be allowed to tear a hole in the cash register. In addition to the new marketing opportunities already mentioned, there are additional ways you can refinance Asport:


A solution
as individual as your tactics.

Get the right offer now with just a few clicks. Simply submit the form and we will contact you for an individual consultation.

Asport Digital fields of action

Digital fields
of action

Progress that reaches everyone

More reach, more appeal, more analysis and marketing options. Together with Asport, all players in sport can develop their full potential - in sporting, media and economic terms.


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