Your fans in the middle
of the action

The live stream on the website, the highlights on social media or the complete replay via the smart TV app - with countless possibilities, you ensure great emotions and digital activation wherever your fans are and your sponsors benefit.


Asport Arena

Asport Arena

Launch your own
sports channel

Attention and reach for your highlights - in the Asport Arena you can professionally show your videos, create real broadcast experiences and thus increase the appeal for all parties involved.

Asport Arena


like the pros

Leverage new reach financially. With Asport, digital advertising formats and the pay-per-view option for viewers open up unprecedented marketing potential for you and your sponsors.

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Asport Digital fields of action

Digital fields
of action

Progress that reaches everyone

More reach, more appeal, more analysis and marketing options. Together with Asport, all players in sport can develop their full potential - in sporting, media and economic terms.


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