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The new place-to-be?
Your sports facility

Make your sports facility the new favorite place of clubs, associations and organizers. With an Asport video production system, your sports facility has everything it needs to be loved by its users. Together, we can make your sports facility fit for the future and the place in the region where all athletes, clubs or associations want to play and train.

What is Asport?

Do you play it as a team?

You could say that Asport is one of Switzerland's most innovative team efforts. But we are neither a new sport, nor just another club - we are a technology provider with big plans for the Swiss sports landscape. Because we make moving images available and usable for the entire Swiss sport. Or to put it simply: Thanks to us, every team in Switzerland can produce TV-quality videos of their own training sessions, matches and competitions without any personnel effort. But not only that: we help the clubs throughout the entire process - from video production to distribution.

Why Asport?

Does not make beautiful goals. But quite beautiful impression

Offer your tenants a special goodie that they won't get everywhere: an automated camera system that helps them reach new heights, both athletically and financially. Clubs of all kinds are under great pressure to remain attractive to members. With your sports facility and an innovative solution like the Asport video system, you can make exactly the difference that athletes, clubs and associations are looking for.

Which added value?

The forward wins games. The camera tenancies.

No matter which target group you address, with Asport you have an added value that sets you apart from all the others. And the best thing about it: your tenants also get their money's worth. That's what we mean by win-win.

The offer

A camera that keeps
an eye on all the teams.


Always looking ahead
to the next game.

We prefer to keep things simple, especially the supposedly complicated ones. We'll show you how we can work together to install an Asport video production system at your sports facility in six steps, so you can offer innovative digital marketing and video analytics tools at the same time.


A solution as individual
as your tactics.

Get the right offer now with just a few clicks. Simply submit the form and we will contact you for an individual consultation.

Asport Digital fields of action

Digital fields
of action

Progress that reaches everyone

More reach, more appeal, more analysis and marketing options. Together with Asport, all players in sport can develop their full potential - in sporting, media and economic terms.


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